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1. Surfing

Bali is tourism all began with this sport, and it’s an all time favourite. Bali has many famous surf spots like Kuta Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Padang-padang Beach and Nusadua Beach. Best waves for more sites are during the dry season, from April to August with good easterly winds and without much floatsam around.

2. Sea Walks

Anyone, even non-divers can go to underwater and enjoy the beautiful marine life scene, fauna, corals, and a wide variety of fish, all in their natural habitat. Experience the ultimate sensation where time stops, worries fade away and breathing underwater becomes possible, safe and easy. A helmet with a transparent visor is placed on your head and conected to oxygen.

3. ATV Rides

What could be more exhilarating than to take on the jungle tracks of Bali’s unspoiled parts on compact buggies and ATVs? We offer quad bike and buggy tours that enable you to discover Bali’s heartland and rural villages on off-road four-wheelers that whiz through all kinds of terrain with ease.
4. Ride Elephant
Bali Eleephant Ride is one of the popular Adventure tours in paradise island of Bali, the elephant ride and attraction with the marvelous and the impression adventure by taking a ride on elephant at the same time encircle the Bali nature makes your holiday in Bali full of memory. This activities is covering you to take a ride on the elephant and see the humorous elephant attraction in Bali which you earn to experience in two different places that we serve to you as adventure choice.
5. Rafting
Rafting in Bali is a great way to experience ‘real Bali’. This popular activity allows you to immerse yourself in nature, with different excitements awaiting you at each bend. Inflatable rafts carry you through the lush rainforests of the central Bali highlands. Besides the thrills along the course – ranging from plunges down dams, small waterfalls and crystal-clear pools – you can see rare flora and fauna up close, for besides the enjoyment of challenging rapids, the panorama of this beautiful, intact nature area is highlighted by the appearance of wild animals along the rafting route such as big bats, black monkeys, magpies and more.
6. Bali Waterfall
Central Bali with it’s amazing tropical landscapes is home to some of the most scerene waterfalls. Big and small, they are all beautiful in it’s own way unique. You don’t need to visit all the waterfalls, but include at least one on your list of things to do in Bali.
7. Bali Mount Treeking and Sunrise
The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is one of our most popular tours for good reason. Not only do you get to explore an active volcano and get up close and personal with one of Bali’s most sacred mountains, but you also get to experience spectacular views of the sun bursting onto the horizon in a riot of oranges and yellows and slowly spreading over the caldera and lake below. The trek takes about one to two hours to reach the peak at 1,717 metres above sea level. Once you arrive at the highest point, it really feels as though you are on top of the world.
8. Dolphin Show
Dolphin watching tours at Lovina Beach remain one of the main nature attractions of this quiet and laidback coastal town in North Bali. What this black sand beach lacks in features when compared to the beaches around the island’s south, it makes up for with its frequent sightings of dolphin pods that favour these calm waters. Back in the days, every sunrise, local fishermen in traditional outriggers set out for their daily catches in the bay, and so did the dolphins
9. Cycling

Experience Bali’s beautiful countryside and rural Balinese villages from up close and on two wheels. Different options let you pedal downhill over rugged volcanic mountains, zooming downhill past ancient temples and plantations, greeting local farmers and schoolkids as you pass by. Cycling can be one of the most immersive activities you can have in Bali.

10. Swing
This place so instragamable. You have to put in your list bucket holiday in Bali. You swing over the jungle and enjoy beautiful greens around you.

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