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Canggu has becoming increasingly popular among visitors to Bali. Canggu’s dining scene has evolved along with the number of visitors. Canggu’s eating places have not yet reached the gastronomic level of the top restaurants of neighboring areas like Kerobokan and Seminyak. However, restaurants in Canggu often make up for it in authentic charm and Balinese warmth. It’s kind of in order of my personal preference, but you and I could be different so scroll to the end and put my recommendations through your own filter, to pick what suits you and your dining buddies best.


Here are our five favorite restaurants in the Canggu area, check this out !

1. Betelnut Café

Betelnut Café opened in Canggu about 4 years ago, and has been a Canggu favorite ever since. Betelnut proves that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. Most dishes on the menu are inspired Indonesian flavors, often with a personal touch. You can find burgers and Mexican dishes here as well.

The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. It is a popular place among surfers, who often com here for a solid breakfast after spending the morning in the waves.

2. Veggie Perfection:  The Shady Shack

True to its name, at The Shady Shack you’ll find the most tropically-adorable shaded seating areas with a shabby-chic vibe at this roadside rice field shack. Veggies rejoice! The whole menu here is meat-free and super duper healthy to boot – we love the nori bowl, the Shack Attack burger and the Onsen eggs, and make sure to check out the raw banoffee cheesecake. Grab a cold coconut or long black, or better yet, boost that immune system with a turmeric latte. Nommmm.

3. Poke Poke

Go to Poke Poke for poke bowls in the heart of Canggu.

If you can only get poke bowls once while in the Gu, get them here. I get the Thai Dynamite poke bowl home delivered via Go-Jek about once a fortnight. If you like opke and you like spice, this is a must-try. I’ve tried the other bowls, but this one is my personal fave. They’re also doing the novelty sushi donuts if you’re yet to try this new phenomenon – check out their Instagram.

4. The slow

Go to The Slow for exquisite, chef-designed plates of deliciousness.

The Slow has become known as ones of the top places to eat (and stay) in Canggu. There’s often live music, the interiors are super stylish and the cocktails are on-point. Offering a finer dining experience, the portions are on the small side, however they’re truly so yummy and satisfying that you’ll want to eat slowly, savouring every mouthful – so you don’t need lots.

5. Ulekan

Go to Ulekan to taste the most incredible flavours of Indonesia.

Hands down one of the best restaurants in Canggu and my personal favourite. This is where I take visiting family and friends who come to stay. If you go for lunch get the nasi campur. I think it’s the best in Bali! The rijstaffel (to share) is also a great option. If you go for dinner, share an array of dishes so you get to try all the flavours on offer. Tip: Always order a trio of sambal and do not leave without trying the Balinese banoffee!

Coming soon for 20 Best Restaurant in Bali you have to visit and try….


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