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Nusa Lembongan is a small island off the southeast coast of the main island of Bali. Quickly becoming one of Bali’s most popular attractions, this island paradise is a world away from the hassle and hectic pace of South Bali. Neither hawkers nor traffic mar the magnificent scenery; this is a fine place to just put your feet up and relax. Main activities include surfing, diving and snorkeling. The water is some of the clearest you will find anywhere, and a vivid aqua blue in colour.

How to get Nusa Lembongan

The most common means of getting to Nusa Lembongan is by small public boats, which mostly depart from Sanur Beach, and dedicated fast boat transfers that mostly depart from Benoa Harbour. You can easily find these boats parked along the coast near the beachfront of the Grand Inna Bali Beach. They usually depart at 08:00, although times can be imprecise and depend on the tide. For more easier we offer Nusa Lembongan Package with hotel with breakfast, ticket return, transfer hotel (drop and pick up to Sanur harbour), motorbike, snorkling, mangrove tour include. just $87 and you will make it, you will get discount if you bring more people.

8 Incredible Things To Do On Nusa Lembongan

1. Dream Beach

Dream Beach is a secluded 115-metre stretch of white sand on the southwestern coast of Lembongan Island (the most popular holiday destination of Bali’s 3 Nusa Islands). The beach is one among Lembongan’s collection of beautiful and quiet beaches, with a landscape that’s mostly comprised of low-lying limestone cliffs and dramatic rock formations. You can enjoy the breath-taking seascapes with bird’s-eye views from above the nearby cliff edges, or head down to the small cove and dig your feet into the soft sandy coast.

While Lembongan’s most popular side is its western coast with sea-view hotels and villas set along the village of Jungutbatu, Dream Beach is well far-off from the crowds. Overlooking the secluded beach nearby is the thatched roof, castaway-style Dream Beach Huts and nearby is the Dream Beach Kubu, among a few others. The blue waters are clear and great for swimming during low tide, however, extra care must be taken as it can get pretty rough since it faces directly to the Indian Ocean. Parts of the beach also have rocky features. A few spots offer cocktails and local light bites at Dream Beach, such as the Dream Beach Huts’ own Café Pandan, with its cliff-top pool and loungers (happy hours are between 16:00 and 18:00 with ‘buy-1, get-2’ deals on specified beverages). Towards the end of the year, as the sun leans slightly south during the southern equinox, you can expect Dream Beach to be another great spot for staying on after a day out on the coast for Lembongan Island’s wonderful sunsets.

2. Secret Beach

Secret Beach Nusa Ceningan is a beach that must be visited by every visitor in Bali. Will you take a vacation to Bali? If you want to feel the different holiday atmosphere while having holiday to Bali and want to feel more atmosphere of natural beauty and beach, you can take vacation to Nusa Ceningan Island. In this Ceningan Island, there is a beach with the beauty of a hidden natural panorama which is called as Secret Beach. The length of the coastline is 50 meters.

This beach is called Secret Beach because is in a small bay that is decorated with stunning rock. In addition, the beach is also surrounded by forest on both sides that create a private and exclusive impression for tourists who visit it. Therefore the beach is called as Secret Beach.

3. Jungut Batu Beach

Jungutbatu beach is a lovely arc of white sand with clear blue water, has superb views across to Mount Agung in Bali. The village itself pleasant, with quiet lanes, no cars, and a couple of temples, including Pura Segara and its enormous banyan tree.

Most surfers, divers and budget travelers stay at Jungutbatu Beach in the island’s northwest, while more upmarket accommodation is farther south towards Mushroom Bay, where many of the day-trip cruise boast stop. About 4km soutwest along the sealed road from Jungutbatu is Lembongan village, the island’s other town. Leaving Jungutbatu, when heading towards Lembongan village, you climb up a steep knool that offers a wonderful view back over the beach.

4. Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon on Ceningan Island is a cliff jumping haven for those adventurous, thrill seekers out there. Follow the cliff edge around to the rocky point on the eastern side of the lagoon. There are remains of what used to be a bar from where people would hang out for the day in between swimming and cliff jumping

. Make sure to assess the situation before jumping because the only exit out of the blue lagoon is to climb up a small cliff face and back to dry land.It is possible to jump on either low tide and high tide as the water at this location is deep enough for a smooth landing.

5. Mangrove forest

Enjoying a holiday in Bali does not seem to be perfect before you visit the island of Nusa Lembongan. The island is located at the Klungkung Bali. On the island, you can find a variety of tourist destinations to be missed as the beauty beneath the sea, beaches, caves, and others. One of them is the Mangrove Forest Nusa Lembongan that could be one of the most popular tourist spots for domestic and international travelers.

Visitors can explore the forest using traditional canoe anglers. Moreover, the uniqueness of mangrove forests that is not dependent on a particular season so well in the dry season or the rainy season, these lands will remain green look that will certainly be interesting to be explored.

6. Devil’s Tears

Devil’s Tears on Nusa Lembongan is the single-best sunset spot on the island and possibly even in Bali! It also some epic tide pools and if you are an adrenaline seeker, there are even some cliff jump opportunities.

It takes less than 10 minutes to drive from the main strip in Nusa Lembongan to Devil’s Tears. The best way to get around the island is by moped/scooter. You can hire one for about $5 US dollars per day and gas is just over $1 per bottle. The map below shows you the exact location of Devil’s Tears on Nusa Lembongan. It’s right next to Dream Beach, another popular spot on the island.


7. Sandy bay

Sandy Bay – Nusa Lembongan: For those looking for a barefoot beach getaway, you can look no further than Nusa Lembongan, a 30 min hop on a boat from its big sister Bali in Indonesia. On our first evening on the island, we made our way to Sandy Bay beach club for sunset cocktails and dinner. Sandy Bay (also called Sunset beach) is a gorgeous white sandy shoreline with bright blue seas crashing down on the rocky cliffs that form the bay. The scene at sunset was stunning, and you can sit right up to the edge of the restaurant to enjoy unspoilt views.

The vibe of the restaurant is rustic and relaxed, similar in style to the all day beach clubs you might get in Ibiza where you come for a long lazy lunch and end up staying til early evening when the sun falls. This is the only restaurant on the beach, so you can ensure that this will remain your little hidden spot for the day, without the crowds.

8. Gala-Gala Underground House

From the first, Bali is known as one of the island with immense charm that attracts domestic and foreign travelers. The island has many natural tourist destinations, culture, art, or others who are very dear to miss. When you visit Bali, you may want to find slightly different tourist destinations. in this case, you can choose to pay a visit to Nusa Lembongan which has many attractions ranging beaches, mangrove forests, there is even one of the unique places you can find in there. You can visit Goa Gala-Gala as an underground house that is inspired from the Mahabharata.

This underground house built in 1961 for approximately 15 years by Mangku Byasa using conventional tools such as crowbars. To facilitate the process of extracting the limestone, Mangku Byasa use cattle dung burned. This cave was eventually used as a residence. This masterpiece deserves to be rewarded and included it as one of the cultural heritage sites. The beauty and uniqueness of the underground house, many people feel curious to visit there.

To find the house is also not a difficult thing to do because at the mouth of the alley there is a sign saying Underground House as a signpost. From the mouth of the alley, you can walk about 50 meters to reach Goa Gala-Gala.

Nusa Lembongan Map




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