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Bali is unique, Bali is unmatched

There is no other place like Bali in this world. A magical blend of culture, people, nature, activities, weather, culinary delights, nightlife, and beautiful accommodation. Bali is rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world by countless websites, review portals, and travel magazines each year – for very good reasons. Whatever your age, background, budget or interest, there is something great for everyone to explore and discover. And that’s a promise.

Bali is not only Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud but there a lot of places you should explore. You might be sceptical, just like other tourist who have plan to visit Bali for next vacation, but there are some true hidden gems in Bali that are well with to visit.

Realistic Expectation of Bali Secret Spots




Social media shows the good side of the attractions in Bali – the dreamy images of rice fields with mountain backdrops, beautiful private waterfall like nobody in that place and for sure breathtaking beaches with crystal water these photo are taken at the crack down when people are still fall asleep and Photoshop also does a really good job of creating this idyllic. My advice when planning your Bali Itinerary try to go off the beaten path for a few days to discover a more authentic part of the island.

Bali Hidden Gems To Add To Your Itinerary

1. Bias Tugel Beach    

Bias Tugel Beach is a small bay with a 130-metre stretch of white sand just south of the busy Padangbai Harbour in East Bali. It offers a tranquil scene, made possible by a long and narrow headland that obscures it from the hubbub of the nearby port.You can easily reach the beach via a short trek past the cape from the main road. A beautiful seascape with calm blue waves, rock pools and golden sand with streaks of volcanic black awaits. You’ll also find local vendors selling snacks, cold beers and parasols along this stretch of the coast.

2. Nunggalan Beach

Nunggalan beach Bali is a beautiful hidden white sand beach along green cliffs in Uluwatu. It takes some effort to get to the beach by walking down a rocky path. So you won’t see many tourists here which makes a visit to Nunggalan beach very serene. So if you love a little adventure and work out to get to some of the beaches in Uluwatu, then definitely check out Nunggalan beach.                                                                                                                                         Because the beach is so secluded, you can expect it to be very quiet. There are no facilities around except a little beach shack that sells coconuts and where you can rent an umbrella. So Nunggalan beach is without a doubt some of the best beaches for peace seekers and off the beaten path adventurers. It also has a ship wreck on the beach and therefore Nunggalan beach is also known as Shipwreck beach in Uluwatu. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Nunggalan Beach.

3. Jaran Hill (sunset Point)  

Batu Jaran Hill is a huge cliff near the famous Uluwatu Temple in south Bali, but with no crowds or safety fences to block your view of the waves crashing on the rocks below.You can see the Uluwatu pagoda in the distance, and if you are lucky you can see sea turtles swimming in the ocean. It’s an incredibly photogenic sunset spot that most tourists in Bali don’t seem to know about yet.

4. Bayan Ancient Tree

Putih Ancient Tree is a giant tree in Tabanan that towers over everything else around it. According to locals, it is over 700 years old and 50 meters tall. This would make it one of the most ancient trees in Bali, and certainly explains its enormous size.There is a little known place in Tabanan that is set to be one of the next “must see” Instagram locations in Bali. Located in the quiet little village of Bayan, Kayu Putih Ancient Tree has to be seen to be believed.

5. Pinggan Village

Pinggan is one of the villages located in the northern part of Kintamani. The area is very famous for its stunning view of sunrise and campsites overlooking Mount Batur and highland villages. Every weekend, there are many people, mostly local youngsters come to Pinggan for camping. If you don’t feel like camping, you can also come here for taking pictures with the view of golden sunrise. It is very cold up here, so wearing a jacket and gloves are necessary.

6. Savana Sunu Tianyar

Savana Tianyar is one of the hidden spots in Bali that are still rare people visit, and suitable to be a place of travel and photo. Savana Tianyar is one spot similar to the beautiful and fascinating Kenewa Island with a vast expanse of grass stretching at the foot of the Mount Agung. What makes this place unique is? when the dry season the landscape will be like Savana, or the brownish grass like in Australia and Africa. And when the rainy season the scenery will change 100%, the view is a beautiful green and beautiful expanse of grass like Pulau Kenewa. Here also some Horse in the groom by the local community if you are lucky you can play with a horse and take a photo. If you want to use a mini motorcycle (Monkey Bike) enough to spend only 100,000 per motor. you will be guided, around the Savana Tianyar.

     7.  Lahangan Sweet

Lahangan Sweet is one of Bali’s newest attractions boasting an epic viewpoint that treats you to the best far-reaching views of Mount Agung.

Following a short path, you’ll find the viewpoint on a cool mountain ridge on the east of the island. It’s definitely the best place to marvel at the stellar Mt Agung volcano and Mt Rinjani on Lombok Island on a clear day.

    8. Goa Garba Temple

Goa Garba is believed to be the meditation site of the giant Kebo Iwa, an ancient Balinese Hindu military leader. Kebo Iwa came here to meditate and acquire power when he aspired to be the military leader of the ancient kingdom of Bedahulu. He got the job and became so powerful that even the powerful prime minister of the kingdom, Ki Pasung Grigis, couldn’t defeat him.

Upon entering the cave, visitors will find several large rocks. On one of these stones lies a footprint larger than that of an average adult. Locals believe it was the footprint of Kebo Iwa. There is a small area that where water, which comes from the nearby hot springs, can be seen dripping from the surface.

    9. Soan Galuh Beach

SOAN GALUH BEACH is a hidden beach that offers beautiful cave cliffs and rocks. Besides having exotic black sand, on the beach there are very beautiful rocks lined up and pounded by quite large waves.

     10. Cinta Hill (Bukit Cinta)

Bukit Cinta Gelumpang Karangasem is located in Gelumpang Village, Karangasem. Being a new tourist attraction in the eastern area of ​​Bali, this tourist attraction is a natural tourism which consists of a small hill that offers amazing natural beauty, presenting a beautiful stretch of rice fields with a background of the majesty of Mount Agung, This small hill, you can see the beauty to the maximum, the nature is still beautiful and natural, the natural atmosphere of the countryside that takes you to another natural atmosphere. Besides being beautiful, the natural atmosphere is calm and peaceful, so it is ideal as a place of recreation. Moreover, in this area there is a restaurant that is quite popular, namely the Bali Asli restaurant, you can relax for a while at this restaurant while enjoying the beautiful natural treats.

This place is really cool with grass that decorates this area. From the expanse of green grass, visitors will be presented with the charm of the towering Mount Agung coupled with the view of the terraced rice fields as if we are looking at a natural painting. From Bukit Cinta in the village of Gelumpang you can see the beauty of the highest peak of Mount Agung perfectly, including during the eruption phase, you can monitor the activities of Mount Agung from this small hill. Bukit Cinta is now an interesting spot, not only for nature lovers, but for those who like photo hunting or like selfies, you will find instagramable views here. Another attraction, you can get closer and be one with nature, doing small adventures such as trekking across rice fields

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