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Bali Summer Vacation 2019 l Discount Start from 20% off

28 March 2019 1.159x Destinations

Anyone have plan to travel arround Bali in summer season ( July and august) ? We offer : Private full day tour, half day tour, all fast boat ticket to Gilli, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Lombok, profesional weeding photography.... read more

Discover Bali | Exotic Paradise Bali 2018

18 November 2018 1.254x Destinations

Bali is the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago. The island’s home to an ancient culture that’s known for its warm hospitality. Exotic temples and palaces set against stunning natural backdrops are some of its top attractions.... read more

First Time in Bali | What You Can Do 2018

Your first time in Bali can be smooth and memorable, you only need to know where to start. We’ve come up with this ‘Bali survival gto help you get the best out of your first visit to this world-favourite holiday... read more


31 October 2018 918x canggu, Destinations, Seminyak, ubud

1. SOLEIL AT THE MULIA Soleil at The Mulia Bali is among the latest five-star restaurants to join the array of luxury dining options along the Nusa Dua coast, particularly on the secluded southern beach of Sawangan. This elegantly designed... read more

7 Rules of Etiquette For a Visit to Bali’s Temples

8 October 2018 2.889x Destinations

A trip to Bali would not be complete without visiting at least one of the thousands of Hindu temples located all over the island. Ceremonies and temples are an integral part of the local Balinese culture and as an outsider,... read more

Balinese Ritual Offerings | How To Offer Food To The God

3 October 2018 1.035x Destinations

Balinese Offering, In Hinduism, food plays an important role in rituals and worship, and the food offered to the gods is called prasada. The Sanskrit word “prasada” means “mercy,” or the divine grace of God. We can make the preparing... read more

12 Things NOT to Do in Bali

2 October 2018 1.043x Destinations

Bali is known as the Land of Gods, and the Balinese believe that Heaven is Bali and that Bali is Heaven, and indeed, in the lush tropical vegetation, they have a distinct point. 90% of Balinese are Hindu and around... read more


28 September 2018 1.182x Destinations

1. GREEN VILLAGE TOUR Explore the world of bamboo with us, follow the journey of freshly harvested bamboo to the design workshop, through the renowned Green School campus, the bamboo factory and Ibuku designs headquarters, as well as on to... read more

10 Best Yoga Classes in Bali 2018 | Find The Spirit of Yoga

22 September 2018 949x canggu, Destinations, Seminyak, ubud

It offers the perfect balance between the possibilities for connecting with the yogi community and the right to privacy when you’d rather retreat into silence. A burgeoning of sensational yoga establishments in Bali over the past two decades has dramatically... read more

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