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munduk is a village unspoiled and beautiful in northern Bali. located in a high area and next to each other with the lake Buyan make this village very cool.Munduk bali weather is 22 celsius. views of padi fields and the water flowing unspoiled, making a lot of things we can do when vacationing in the village munduk. we will give you 5 things to do in munduk.

munduk trekking is the most popular activity in munduk. trekking view munduk beautiful natural river through the rice fields and see coffee and clove plantation is an experience that can not be forgotten. many beautiful places but hidden, requires the traveler must do trekking to be see directly. many trekking packages are offered here with different combinations such as trekking to waterfalls, trekking in the fields and trekking in the garden coffee and clove

Munduk Bali Waterfall (Munduk Natural Waterfall), that you will encounter first when you come from the direction of Denpasar / Bedugul. The waterfall is located about 1 km from Restaurant Ngiring Ngawedang. 15-meter high waterfall is located between coffee plantations population. From the parking lot, you have to walk as far as 246 meters to reach this waterfall. Do not forget to pay admission Rp 3000 in the adjacent parking lot. Furthermore, you just walk down the path in between the coffee plantations to arrive in front of the waterfall. In addition to this waterfall there is a simple restaurant, if you’re thirsty or hungry. Splashing water and birdsong are widely available around the falls create an atmosphere of calm and peace, making us feel at home playing the water in munduk waterfall.

This huge Banyan tree can be found at gesing village,5 minute from Munduk.The Giant Tree, approximately 700 years old and 85 m high. The tree is huge by any standards, it measures 85m high and is said to have reached 115m at one time and measures 70 metres in diameter, it is a maze of roots that tower above, this leave access so that you can actually walk inside the tree, yes walk around inside the trees root system. This place you must visit if you are in munduk. see the big tree is still maintained to this day and in sacred by the local community. You can combine trekking packages in munduk, to visit this banyan tree

Lake Tamblingan is one of natures true spectacles, located in munduk north it is officially part of the munduk area. This incredibly picturesque lake is situated in the plateau area between two large hills. It sits at 1000 meters above sea level and the weather experienced here is a lot cooler. When you stand by the lake it is said to have an overwhelming effect on you, as the sheer tranquility of your surroundings are so beautiful.There are opportunities to take a motor boat out on the lake to further understand its size, depth and beauty. Locals will arrange a boat trip out on the lake for you upon arrival to the attraction. It stretches 1.9 kilometers from one side to the other and at its maximum depth it is 90 meters. The public facilities at Lake Tamblingan are basic but there is everything you need for a day trip; parking, boat rental, fishing equipment, cafés and toilets

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